Empower Your decisions

A simple cheek swab test tells you about the possible adverse effects of any medication based on DNA and helps you customize treatment plan for a patient.

Is it enough?

Despite the consideration of patient characteristics, adverse reactions to prescription medications plague our country. Genetic factors can account for 20 to 95 percent of patient variability. The addition of next generation genetic testing provides physicians with the personalized data needed to optimize  medication absorption, and metabolism. PGX offers actionable steps to perfect individual patient dosing.

Our Solutions

Our solutions transform pharmacogenetic test results into concise, actionable reports for physicians. Reports incorporate the latest guidance from scientific groups (e.g., the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) and the Dutch Pharmacogenetics Working Group (DPWG)), governments (e.g., the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA)), and leading-edge science.

Our Services

Pain Management

Evidence continues to build patient-supporting individualized pain management dosing for many Schedule II drugs leading to proper analgesic. PGX testing provides pain management clinicians a direct way to mitigate side effects and improve patients medication response.

Genes Include:

CYP1A2  |  COMT  |  CYP2C19  |  CYP2C9  |  CYP2D6 OPRM1

Preoperative Orthopedics

Identify inherited conditions that cause coagulation, increase thrombosis risk, and help determine the best anti-coagulation therapy. Studies show that patients with Factor V mutation have a higher post-surgery clot risk. If genetic testing is done before hand, this and other situations can be prepped for and can help the doctor understand a patient’s unique needs.

Genes Include:

CYP2D6  |  VKORC1  |  CYP2C9  |  MTHFR  |  Factor II  |  Factor V

Mental Health Genetics

  • Over 36 known psych drugs affected by 
  • CYP2D6 & CYP2C19 alone
  • Suggested dose adjustments on CYP2D6
  • Dosing stability: 2 weeks
  • Multiple drug interactions
  • Highest percent of ADRs in all drug classes
  • Patients become non-responsive to 
  • Drugs over time

Genes Include:

COMT  |  CYP1A2  |  CYP2C19  |  CYP2B6  |  CYP2D6  |  MTHFR  |  OPRM1

Thrombosis Risk

Allows physicians to understand the risk of thrombosis, obstetric complications and thrombophilia in family members of affected individuals.

Genes Include:

Factor II  |  Factor V  |  MTHFR

Cardiovascular health

With heart diseases being the number one cause of death in America and 2.8 billion Rx prescribed for out patients, the call to personalized dosage is staring physicians in the face. This test helps physicians determine therapeutic change for lasting patient health in the expanding field of cardiovascular health.

Genes Include:

APOE  |  CYP3A4  |  CYP2C19  |  CYP2C9  |  CYP2D6  |  Factor II  |  Factor V VKORC1  |  SLC01B1 MTHFR