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How your body respond to various food, nutrition and exercise? Reveal every bit of information through genetic testing, a simple test that can open the world inside you.   

Science of Genetics

Are you ready to discover new insights about you? Your genetic blueprint is now available.

Genetic Testing gives you a roadmap of your body’s makeup and mechanism. It is a complete bloodless and needless way of testing with the help of advancements in human science. A scientist can analyze a person’s DNA to reveal a lot of information about you.

Our experienced medical team evaluates your genetic response to get how response based on evidence-based dietary and exercise research recommendations. The insights are based on most extensive and accurate and valid genome-wide association studies to calculate the various genes combinations to get a score. Learn how external factors like environment, genetics, lifestyle affect your health and fitness levels through the study of genotype. 

Why take a living DNA test?


Change the way you have been looking at your ancestors, learn what all you have inherited from your ancestors or passed down to one generation to another through DNA test. We will help you to grow, develop and live with the power of genetics. Recognize your traits and learn what you are made up of with DNA test reports.


You have the key to unlocking the world of health, fitness, and well-being with the profound insights revealed by DNA test. Identify ways to perform better, feel better and do better in life through holistic learning about your insights.  


You can access unparalleled knowledge of your genetic response, you are well informed about health risk and diseases prevention. We offer immune-boosting plans that help in staying fit and healthy. 

How are we different?

We at Strandz

Unraveling the power of DNA to reveal the insights and long-held secrets about your body, to empower you to live a healthier life with an array of products and services build around body’s info like metabolism, Fat levels, muscle weight, activity levels to lead you towards vitality and wellbeing. 

We take genetics seriously

We take genetics seriously, adhering to stringent standards underpinned by excellent science, we ensure the value and authenticity in describing everything based out of our understanding of your profile and other factors affecting it.

Our team of experts

Our team of experts, PhDs, Scientist, Nutritionists, and Counselors are consistently working on new offerings to bring new things for you. 


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